3 Simple and Basic Free Digital Marketing Online Courses Every Marketer Must Do

1. Google Digital Garage

Google digital garage icon

Certification: yes
Good for: digital marketing beginners

Google Digital Garage takes a slightly different approach to online digital marketing courses. While it covers essential topics like building a strong online strategy and promoting a business with online advertising, you can also master other skills like networking and improving your online business security.

This free online marketing course also offers certification in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. The course is aimed at the beginner level and provides a comprehensive overview of what it takes to build a successful online business strategy.

2. Google Analytics Academy

Certification: yes
Good for: learning the depths of Google Analytics

Being able to measure your digital efforts correctly is key to understanding how your business is doing online. That’s why Google Analytics Academy online course is THE one you need to take in order to learn all the ins and outs of Google Analytics.

The Analytics Academy offers courses for different levels, from beginners to power users. After completing the course, you’ll be able to track and analyze your business online performance and make educated decisions and improvements.

In addition, there are mini-courses on YouTube analytics available, too.

3. HubSpot Academy Free Inbound Marketing Certification

HubSpot inbound certification

Certification: yes
Good for: learning the basics of inbound marketing

To educate entrepreneurs and marketers on how to build an inbound marketing strategy that will bring results, HubSpot Academy offers a free marketing course. The course is packed with helpful and practical information, starting from how to create a blog post to applying a customer market approach.

After completing an exam that takes approximately an hour, participants get an official certificate and a badge to showcase their new skills on a resume or LinkedIn.

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