With the major festivals approaching this month, two types of shoppers are observed- one, those who are spendthrift and the others who are thrifty but also there exists a third category of people who shop on external stimulation. Yes, manipulations during shopping can leave you with a deep regret.

The problem begins when you move to the store and a sight of plenty alluring things distracts you from your actual goal. A glance of a variety of your fascinations confuses of what you should buy and what not! Moreover, people loading their carts inspire you for buying more and more things and so you finally end up purchasing things more than needed. After leaving the store for home, you realize that you have bought things that were not needed so shopping is like a hallucination for us where we look up things which we actually don’t need! And of course, over expenditure adds up to your resentment. But you need not blame yourself completely for this act as the salesman sales the product in such an attractive manner that they arise the shopper in you. So, today we will help you escape this situation and spend wisely by making aware of the traps of the marketers-

  • The Mutual Relationship: A common example of reciprocity is with the title, ‘BUY ABC and get XYZ free’. While the customer buys the product required, simultaneously he also thinks of the extra benefit he could assess. The free sample is a kind of favor which the buyer wants to exchange by purchasing the actual product.
  • Bluff: Females can correlate to this way quite well. At times, it happens like go to the parlor for a normal haircut and end up paying for a new hairstyle, facial etc. Right? The story behind is that the beautician marks out the weak points of your looks by grabbing your weakness and suggests you for some better treatment by setting examples of several other people who have improved using those methods. They in a way hypnotize you and compel you to take the best treatment which you would have done without!
  • Social Proof: Psychologists say that our choice is affected by others, that is, we follow the group. Many companies use the popularity of people to create an influence of their product. Although, these days customers hardly get into these techniques.
  • The ever-appealing Discounts: The offers which we run after, are they really worthy? No, they are just a bait to bring you to the store as the stock might be not attractive but the prices may be!
  • Scarcity: Have you ever seen companies/ brands display- “Offer ends in…” A shortage of something always increases its demand. This way you feel an intense need of the product so that you don’t miss the opportunity.
         After knowing about the traps, you need to know about how to escape them so look down here-
  1. Always plan your shopping. Get ready with a proper list of things you want to buy so that your distractions don’t dissatisfy you later.
  2. Before buying expensive things, do consider more than one option so as to have an idea of the market.
  3. Don’t become opportunistic of purchasing things which are scarce as they might be a part of the inferior stock.
  4. Prepare a monthly budget and try to follow it. This way you will an account of monthly expenditure and prevent yourself from over expenditure.
  5. While dealing with a product don’t be credulous but rather be confident about your terms and conditions.
  6. Don’t let appreciations from people buy you something unnecessary.

We hope these tips will be of great help for you during your next shopping visits.

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