Why Bollywood Love Chanderi of MP|Top Shooting Place of MP

Why Bollywood Love Chanderi of MP

Chanderi is the most famous town in the state of Madhya Pradesh. You might be already aware of the places to visit in Chanderi, Chanderi sarees, dresses, suits and of course the Bollywood movies that are often shot in the city. It is a beautiful yet eye-catching city that is located just apart from the Betwa River. Chanderi town is very renowned for our country’s historic monuments. Surrounded by lakes, hills, forests and of course with the monuments of Sultans and Rajputs. Not just it, you will find many places to visit in Chanderi that would impress and will urge you to visit the town at least once.

If you have never been to Chanderi, then this would be the right time to step inside the beautiful city and explore it to the core. Not just that, even the film industry loves Chanderi. You will also see various shooting places in MP and not just Chanderi. And below is the reason why Bollywood loves Chanderi. Know why-

Why does Bollywood love Chanderi, MP?

Chanderi is a place where Bollywood generally goes up for shoots and several other photo shoots and various video shoots. The city has with en number of mesmerizing places and the spots to visit. Of course, if you want to visit the place, then plan the whole week, and explore the town to its ultimate. As mentioned earlier, even the film industry loves the city Chanderi, especially the Bollywood industry. Because of its picturesque tourist’s spots; as these spots are quite ideal for the film shoot locations. Chanderi is very popular, and it reveals many real-life stories of the artisans and weavers of rural India. You might have heard, Chanderi fabric is quite very famous.

You might be already aware of some Bollywood movies that are entirely shot in Chanderi only. Some Bollywood films even inspire the city’s artisans and the weavers. Some films directly communicate the real-life stories that happened to be from this beautiful town of Ashoknagar district of Madhya Pradesh. Some Bollywood stars have shopped for themselves and also taken note of these favorite Chanderi artisans and weavers contact details, to spread their talents across the stars circle. Chanderi fabric is too popular and widely used across the nation.

Do you want to know about the movies that were shot in this beautiful town?

Top Movies shooted in Chanderi

Not just the Bollywood even other film industries of India has shot their big banners in this beautiful town. Here is the list of the top movies shot in Chanderi.

  • Stree : Stree is the movie starred Shraddha Kapoor, Rajkumar Rao in the lead roles. The film is a horror comedy that reveals the real-life story happened in Chanderi. Of course, the movie is fun and a good entertainer. Even these stars experienced paranormal activities while shooting for their film. It has another name, as in Chanderi haunted place. You will read many haunted stories and will come across many haunted places as well
  • Sui Dhaaga :Sui Dhaaga was not solely shot in Chanderi but was focused all over the state of Madhya Pradesh. Yes, surely there are many shooting places in MP as well. Just visit the shooting places in near Bhopal and MP of the film Sui Dhaaga-Made in India.
  • Raajneeti: Rajneeti is another political based film starring Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Ajay Devgn, Nana Patekar, and many others. You will find many shooting places in near Bhopal as well.

Chanderi Fabric: The True culture of the country

As mentioned earlier, Chanderi fabric is the popularity of this beautiful location. People from all across the nation, buy sarees and Indian suits from Chanderi. Of course, not just Chanderi there are other popular places as well to purchase these cultural and traditional outfits. But Chanderi is counted as one of the most preferred ones. The sarees are quite light and you can quite easily feel the texture of the material for sure. Once you go for the shopping, you will find three varieties of the Chanderi Fabric- Chanderi cotton, Chanderi pure silk cotton, and Chanderi silk cotton. These sarees and outfits can be worn on any occasion without limiting yourself. If you ever visit Chanderi, you should mainly try those hand-woven suits and sarees once. It is worth it!

Places to Visit in Chanderi

Not just the outfits and the suits. Even, there are some popular tourists’ attractions and spots that people generally wish to land in. Here is the list of most popular tourist attractions in Chanderi-

•    Chanderi Fort

•    Koshak Mahal

•    Khuni Darwaza Chanderi

•    Ramnagar Palace

•    Parameshwar Tal

•    Badal Mahal Gate

•    Jama Masjid

You really need to visit the above mentioned places, if ever you are planning a trip for Chanderi. Of course, you can visit these places. You can visit Chanderi quite easily, as nowadays the facilities have become too much comfortable and active. Here is how to reach Chanderi-

How to Reach Chanderi from Bhopal

You can very easily visit Chanderi from Bhopal. You have some simple options for transport if you are located in Bhopal and want to visit Chanderi. You can opt for the train from Bhopal, and it is around 225 kms. The train facilities are quite very easy and comfortable too. In fact, train traveling is the most preferred mode of transport by many as such.

You can also step into Chanderi by cab, it would take about 4 to 5 hours to reach the city of Madhya Pradesh. Cab facilities are also affordable and comfortable. As you will see there are many cab servicing companies in the market, who offers the most possible rides within the nation.

Distance From Bhopal to Chanderi: 225 KMS

Minimum Time to Reach: 4 -5 Hours By Bus or Cab

Hence, you must visit the tourist places and of course the city too. Your trip and time would be worth it.

Now you know almost everything about Chanderi, starting from its sarees and silks to the Bollywood stars favorites. The shoot spots, Chanderi haunted the place and what not. Of course, the Chanderi people has undoubtedly got a good vibe, and you will enjoy your trip to the city.

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