How do blind players play cricket so well | Why you should Watch Blind Cricket

If you would have ever watched Blind Cricket surely you would have got shocked how well players were playing, how they were catching the ball with one hand and how they were balling stump to stump.

If we know more about blind cricket so Blind cricket is a modified version of cricket which is designed to be played by blind and partially sighted athletes. The sport was invented in Australia in 1922. Today blind cricket is played in all cricket playing countries. 

How do blind players play cricket so well

Yes, It is all about the hard work and dedication to the game and as As they can not see, so they use their listening skills to play the game and the ball used is larger than the normal ball and filled with ball bearings to make more noise.

There are some basic rules like the bowler has to give the signal before every ball and the batsman has to reply that he is ready. Also, there is a line drawn in the middle of the pitch and the bowler has to bounce the ball at least once before that line. 

There are 3 types of players.

  • B1 (Totally blind players)
  • B2 (Partially blind)
  • B3 (Partially sighted players)

The team composition is 11 players as usual. But the composition should be as follows.

  • A minimum of 4 B1 players
  • 3 of B2 players
  • A maximum of 4 B3 players
  • Runners for batsman
  • B1 shall have a runner
  • B2 has the option of a runner Batsman who has opted for a runner cannot act as a runner for another batsman A “one bounce” catch by a B1 player will result in the batsman being given out.

Why you should Watch Blind Cricket

If you really want motivation and how with hard work and dedication you can achieve anything so you must watch this matches. you will learn how concentration and focus is important and how practice can make you perfect in everything you do.

On 17 Oct 2018 in Bhopal, you can watch World Cup champion team India Vs Shri Lanka International T-20 Cricket tournament. 

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