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No doubt, event management is a very absorbing task which demands a good deal of hard work and dedication but putting all your efforts would be in vain if you don’t go for marketing of your event if you don’t create a buzz of your event and do not know how to promote event for free online and most important how to promote event online for free of cost. Also when you have already given up your almighty dollar planning and organizing the event, now you have a low budget for promoting it. But no issues! Marketing the event online can be done effectively at a low cost or even for free!

In this era of digitization, the internet is the best source for event promotion- less time input and high success output by promoting event free of cost online! It not only provides you with apps to promote your event but also, tools to check where and how the event needs to be promoted. Here are some effective ways for free online event promotion.

How is free online event marketing useful?

Add to your social networks: Social networking sites are a boon to marketing field as this worldwide network attracts a huge audience and helps you create your brand image. Including SEO keywords can attract people according to their interest and a well organized online announcement can help people know more about you and cultivate a positive image.

Grab the attentionOnly SEO keywords won’t suffice for marketing so the presence of relevant links is a must so that people can be redirected to your website/ page through these links. Your website/ page will offer them a detailed information about your event and in case of queries, they can also contact you.

Save the dollar: Promoting an event online saves your penny as many sites offer free online promotion and thus, it won’t burden you financially and reach to a broader audience, at the same time. One such site is which publishes brands, products, services and latest offers for free. Also, it provides you with the latest offers plus loyalty points to increase your profit percentage.

Set up your mailing list: Online event promotion provides you with a benefit of building up your mailing list by redirecting the audience to your site where they enter their name and email address and get registered permanently with you. As a result, you will get an audience who will be regularly updated with your work.

Online marketing also benefits you by including free social media promotion and Google Ads promotion so that you reach the target audience on a daily basis.

Track your effectiveness: You can track your marketing rate regularly and rather appointing a person for this job is suggested so as to tackle this crucial job effectively.

What if you get all the required facilities in one place..? Yes, to your surprise Offer Location is where you can share your content on social media, create your event for free, set up your mailing list and keep yourself acquainted with your progress…all of this together will surely put you at ease!

Ways to promote an event using free online tools

  • Social media:

Stats show that around 121 million of India’s 1.2 billion people are online. 69% of internet users in Australia have a social media profile so this shows that social media is trending at a high rate. Therefore, sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat can be a useful platform for popularising your event. Offer location also provides you with an option where you can share your event in any of the above social media.

  •  Free Advertising/ Get yourself registered:

Get yourself enlisted on an event listing website, create your event page, take online payments and track your progress. Some of the event listing websites are, Eventbrite etc. On Offer Location, you can list your event for free and track your progress by free event dashboard. Event listing is one of the most effective ways for free online event promotion.

  •  Newsletter:

Email marketing is still a great promotional tool for taking your information to professionals. Offer Location is one such platform which provides the facility of assisting you with the information about the users or people interested, their contact number and email id so as to keep them updated with your programmes. Every event at one platform from multiple Platform. Never miss events happening around!

  • Visualising the promotions:

Introducing your chief guest or speaker for the event through a video or providing discounts or offers for their acquaintances can attract the attention of the audience.

Some facts about online marketing–

  • 80% of emails are read on mobile.
  • 65% of respondents prefer emails with visual elements rather than just texts.
  • Emailing early in the morning can increase click-through rate up to 5%.
  • About 25% of event registration comes from mobile users.
  • 89% of attendees use search engines for purchase decisions.
  • Over 60% of search traffic goes to the top three search positions.
  • Only 31% people write reviews of their event experience.

Hence, I conclude saying that Free Online Event Promotion is a blessing for event marketing. They give a detailed description of your event, save your time, money and energy and make your event successful. Please do visit for your next event advertisement and give us a chance to make your event a huge success.

How to promote event online for free on Offer Location step by step

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