Student Guide to Find Internship in Lockdown

If you are college students looking for internship opportunities this article will guide you with a list of best platforms in India for students to get internships.

Linkedin Internships Direct Links

To make your internship search more effective we are listing direct link of LinkedIn Internships posts and the Internship section of LinkedIn. (Save this Blog post so that you can check frequently.)

  • LinkedIn Internship Post Direct Link

Using this link you can find all the posts on LinkedIn related to Internship.

Direct Link: Click Here

  • LinkedIn Internship Link

Using this link you can find all the Internships listed on LinkedIn.

Direct Link: Click Here

One of Trending Internship on LinkedIn

TATA STEEL Prashikshan (Unpaid Summer Internship)

Tata steel is one of the trending internship program shared by many on LinkedIn. The internship program is unpaid and intern work under a guide or one of the employees and learning depends upon your guide and how much intern is interested to learn.

To apply on Tata Steel Prashikshan you must have a guide employee ID.


Top platforms in India to find Internship

There are many websites and portal which can help you to find the internship of your choice. these are the most preferred website to find an internship.

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