Top 3 Stores to Buy Electronics in Bhopal

There are countless options to buy electronics in Bhopal but there are top 3  electronics stores in Bhopal which are most reviewed by consumers and provides best offers and service on products according to consumers.

We list down the top 3 major electronic store chains with a PAN India presence where you can avail some irresistible offers!

  • Best Price Bhopal
  • Reliance Digital
  • Lotus Electronics


Best Price Bhopal

Best Price is most recommended to shop electronics and home appliances but for shopping in Best price Bhopal you need the membership. Best Price Modern Wholesale is a B to B, Cash and Carry wholesale format, owned and operated by Walmart India Pvt. Ltd.  Best price Bhopal offering many products under categories such as Consumer Packaged Goods (Food & Non-Food) General Merchandise, Household, Electronics, Appliances, Fresh (Fruits, Vegetables, Poultry, Mutton, Fish), Dairy (Milk and Milk Products)

Location: Near Peoples Mall, Karond,  Bhopal

Review: 5/5


Reliance Digital

Reliance Digital store located at DB Mall in Bhopal and for products like smartphone, Laptop, Cameras, Television, wireless headphones etc. you must visit Reliance Digital as reliance digital is known name in India,  reliance digital provide good service on products with exclusive offers. Reliance ResQ, a ‘one-stop’ service centre that takes care of your pre and post-purchase service. You can find the entire list of their retail locations here.

Location: DB City Mall, Bhopal

Review: 4/5


Lotus Electronics 


Lotus Electronics is also a known name in Central India for quality electronic products. In Bhopal Lotus Electronics started it’s operation before any big electronics showrooms so Lotus is oldest and reliable name in Bhopal and popular among Bhopali. You can check out their list of retail chains here

Location: 1 Press Complex, MP Nagar Zone-1,B/h Vishal Mega Mart, Bhopal

Review: 4/5

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